What exactly are bitters?

Bitters are a potent and flavorful tincture that is made by infusing herbs and botanicals into alcohol over the course of several days to months.

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Are bitters tincture?

All bitters are tincture, but not all tincture are bitters. Tincturing is the process of extracting and preserving the chemical elements of plants into alcohol. Many botanicals have bitter compounds. As these compounds have been valued for their digestive and flavor balancing qualities, the term bitters became common vernacular used when referring such botanical tinctures.

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Are bitters good for you?

Yes, traditional bitters are good for you. They are mostly known for their ability to aid in the digestive process but they do much more than that. Most plants that go into Bennett Bitters blends have multiple positive effects on the body and mind. The chamomile that is found in a bottle of Wild Hunt Bitters, for example, is known to both quell nervous tension and relax the stomach muscles for an easier digestive process.

It is important to note that some modern bitters, while carrying that name, do not involve the use of any traditionally beneficial or bitter ingredients. They may essentially be considered a flavor additive.

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How do bitters settle your stomach?

Bitters begin to alleviate digestive discomfort as soon as receptors on the tongue taste bitter flavor. Bitter compounds activate enzymes, and secretions in multiple organs related to digestive function. Chemical signals are sent to the muscles of the intestines to ensure comfort and functional efficiency. As all the components of digestion are affected by the consumption of bitters, they ensure that a full spectrum of digestive problems can be addressed.   

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Are Bennett Bitters all natural?

Bennett Bitters are 100% all natural. Hand-crafted with wild harvested and/or organic botanicals, pure spirit, and organic unrefined sugar. We never use artificial coloring or preservatives.

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How do I “take” bitters?

For medicinal benefits, bitters can be taken orally, straight from the dropper in quantities of 5-10 drops. Other common methods for taking bitters are in seltzer water or in water with lemon. 

One of the popular ways of taking bitters is in cocktails. We listed our favorite cocktails on our recipe page.

What do bitters do to a drink?

Bitters balance the flavor of a drink. Most cocktails contain bitters and most bartenders use bitters on a regular basis. The reason for this is that bitters are an essential ingredient for tying flavors together. As well as balancing a drink, they also help elevate flavors that are already in the cocktail while adding depth and nuance to it. They are an important ingredient for any bar, home bar, or kitchen.

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Can I use bitters for cooking?

Absolutely. Bitters are great for cooking and can be thought of as an ingredient in the same category as hot sauce, vanilla extract, vinegar and Worcestershire sauce. Bitters make an excellent addition to any dish but are especially useful for baked goods, sauces, and soups.

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Are bitters safe to ingest?

Yes, bitters are safe to ingest. All of the ingredients used in bitters are considered G.R.A.S or “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA.

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Can you get drunk on bitters?

Bitters are considered a non potable alcohol substance in the same regulatory class as vanilla extract. Since bitters have highly potent flavors and are used in quantities of less than a teaspoon, it is unlikely that one would feel any of the typical effects of alcohol from bitters.

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If bitters contain alcohol, is it legal to ship them across state lines?

Bitters are completely legal to ship across state lines. Bitters are considered a food product by the FDA and TTB and are not subject to the same regulations as alcohol.

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Why can’t I find bitters in my liquor store?

Many states don’t allow the sale of food products in liquor stores. If this is the case in your state, you might have better luck finding bitters at your local specialty grocery store.

The easiest way to get Bennett Bitters is by visiting our online shop which offers our full range with free shipping. 

What is the shelf life of bitters?

Bitters retain their flavor and medicinal potency indefinitely and will never “go bad.” This is due to the highly preservative nature of alcohol. That being said, it is generally recommended to finish a bottle of bitters within three years of opening to guarantee maximum freshness.

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