Sometime before we finished our first batch of Wild Hunt Bitters, we took to tasting and huffing our prototype batches. We were looking to narrow in on some language that would accurately describe the experience of Wild Hunt Bitters.

At some point Yana said “it’s like forest bathing in a bottle.” Wild Hunt Bitters are packed with roots, flowers, and mosses found deep in forested areas. Each bottle carries with it the aroma and energy of the most remote and untouched corners of the world.

As cities began to pop up around the world, ancient urban dwellers quickly felt the need to reincorporate nature back into their life. Ancient Chinese poets wrote countless pages philosophizing the role of nature in an urban lifestyle. Cyrus the Great built gardens and parks in ancient Persia so that his citizens could get their dose of nature when they needed it.

Forest bathing as a coined concept originated in Japan as recently as the 1980’s. Since then numerous studies have shown that enveloping yourself in nature on a regular basis can significantly reduce stress, boost immunity, and alleviate depression. It seems that deep down we know that we are creatures of nature and that we have a biological need to connect with it.

 You don’t have to travel deep into the woods to understand what a complex ecosystem it has. Fungus, flora, fauna, and bacteria all work together to create a harmonious environment where they can all coexist with equanimity.

 One of the ways that plants, in particular, help keep balance within their environment is by producing helpful airborne substances called phytoncides. These helper chemicals ward off things that make a plant or tree sick like harmful and unwanted bacteria, insects, and fungus.

 Like a forest, humans also contain their own powerful internal ecosystem that thrives when kept in balance. Phytoncides help keep the balance in us humans by promoting the activation of natural killer cells (AKA lymphocytes). These cells patrol the body and destroy virally infected cells. Needless to say, NK cells are essential for a strong immune system and a person with a more active NK cell population will certainly live a healthier existence.

 Since the introduction of forest bathing, numerous lab studies have been done to discover what mechanisms of the forest produce such intense reactions in humans. Even in the sterile and unnatural environment of a lab, humans have many of the same physiological reactions to natural substances as we do while enveloped in nature.

 The studies show us that while a wander through the woods is certainly the best option for the health benefits of forest bathing, we can gain many of those benefits by bringing nature to us. Wild Hunt Bitters are packed with plants that contain phytoncides. By tincturing these plants, we are able to capture the natural medicine of the forest in a bottle and bring it directly into our homes.

 So, if you can’t get out to the forest on a regular basis to stroll through the leaves or smell the trees, try rubbing a few drops of Wild Hunt Bitters between your hands, cup them around your nose and breathe deeply. The vapors alone are enough to wake up the senses to their natural roots and remind the body that it is alive.

 One of our favorite ways to take Wild Hunt Bitters is with an herbal and vegetal fresh-pressed juice. The heavy dose of vitamins from the fresh vegetables supports immune function. The forest medicine found in a bottle of Wild Hunt Bitters contributes to immune function support and also boosts everything in your body susceptible to cold and flu. Aside from the health benefits mentioned above, Wild Hunt Bitters herbs are known to inhibit the growth of bacteria, treat dry cough and support healthy lung function.

 Sit back, relax, and heal with a cup of nature’s bounty.

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